Mejia Maidl Orthodontics is dedicated to retention, the final step in your orthodontic treatment.

After you have worn your braces for the appropriate amount of time, we move into the retention stage of your treatment. It is VERY important not to skip this step, or all of your hard work will not pay off as you had hoped. Your teeth may shift around or move back to where they were instead of staying in place.

During retention, you will have to wear retainers as your teeth adjust to staying in their new place without braces. You should wear your retainers as recommended by your dentist. Some should be worn only at night, while others need to be worn almost all of the time.

Brushing your teeth is easier in this phase, since the retainers are removable. All you have to do is remove your retainer, and then you will be able to brush your teeth better than you were able to when you had braces. You should also brush your retainer thoroughly before placing it back to your mouth.

Vivera Retainers

Part of Invisalign’s innovative line, these clear retainers offer a precise fit post-treatment, whether you had Invisalign or traditional braces. They’re custom-made with advanced 3D imaging for comfortable, continuous wear.

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