Empower 2® Metal Brackets

Here at Mejia-Maidl Orthodontics, we are committed to offer the latest technology and providing our patients with treatment options designed for a beautiful, healthy smile.

We provide our patients the new Empower 2 brackets. This advanced system is designed with comfort, and built to the highest performance technology.

With Empower 2 brackets there is no longer a need for bands or ties, this technology allows the teeth to move more freely meaning:
• You never have to have your braces tightened
• You will get fewer appointments
• Shorter office visits
• Faster treatment time.

The Empower 2 Brackets system helps us improve smiles and helps patients feel and look their best every day. If you are considering braces or would like to make changes to the shape or look of your teeth, call us first at (915) 500-5602 to schedule your first appointment!